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Every tree is unique, so we recommend an on site visit to assess how long the job should take and what will be required. That way you won't be left with any unexpected surprises.


We will come to you at a time that is convenient and have a brief discussion on how to move forward.



If you are looking for more light in your garden or for your property, crown thinning or a crown reduction could well be the way forward. By removing some of the smaller or tertiary branches and their foliage, you will be left with a neater more manageable tree.

A crown lift removes some of the lower branches and their foliage, giving more access for driveways or for your garden below.

As well as the extra light these processes also reduce wind drag on your trees, leaving them safer for you, your family and property.



Whether it's sectional tree felling, where space is tight, or straight felling, Keep Up My Garden can help remove unwanted trees from your property.

Most often trees are located on clients properties where space is at a premium. So chopping a tree and yelling TIMBER! is rarely a good choice. But by carefully bringing the tree down in stages and the removal of waste means you won't be left with an oak tree in your conservatory. 

Using the latest rigging techniques and equipment, our fully qualified and insured arborist will keep you and your property in safe hands.

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Accidents happen. Especially when tall trees and high winds combine. We will endeavour to be with you at the earliest opportunity and to help you when it's needed most. Simply get in touch and we will take care of the rest.

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